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Homeward Bound

Once upon a time, a ship sailed effortlessly on the river of life. It was a festive sight with fireworks and the many sounds of laughter that danced through the twilight. And the many perks indulged the socialite with fascination, seduction and addiction from every nationality. This mysterious ship stayed with the current, which swayed easily towards the ultimate ecstasy at oceans delight.

So it was once again, more ships coasted downstream in favour of a party sensation under the moonlight. And to our surprise and dismay, some of our youth were drifting away by an allurement that seduces the fancy tonight. The people on the ships would jokingly hiss and eventually curse at our community of small boats. Yet we smiled and called to them to join us upstream, along the chosen way. The journey of faith that sailed gracefully and by starlight towards "Our Horn of Salvation."

During the darkness of night, a monster of a ship traveled down the river and boasted of its surrealism that would rock and shock you. A strange and eerie sensational fright. The fantasy of movie and technical delight had become the nightmare of deadly sight. And yet the people swayed to the sound of ultimate ecstasy and wicked surprise at oceans nasty plight.

Therefore with the passage of time, we rested on green pastures and beside still waters that sparkled in magnificent beauty. The day had dawned at Springs of life to our great delight ... as the memory of the ships faded out-of-sight.

We are given the power and freedom of choice to accept or reject God's salvation. The gospel message on this side of the splendid journey is slipping away towards a never-ending reality of eternity lost or found without exception.

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